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Q&A #23: Kalashnikov Questions w/ Larry Vickers

Larry’s training class schedule:

Today’s questions:

02:15 – AK as replacement for PPSh?

03:52 – Benefits of an AK over a M4? 

05:52 – What you learned during the process of authoring it together that you didn’t know before hand that you found fascinating.

07:46 – Opinion on the IWI Ace?

09:40 – 5.45 vs 7.62

11:28 – Does the AK still has a place as a “front-line” service rifle in comparison to the AR-15 family and the various other new generation assault rifles and carbines?

12:52 – Of all the countries that made AKM variants, which is actually the best?

14:51 – Has Russia ever attempted to replace the AK platform?

15:47 – Best AK muzzle device?

17:01 – Most significant changes/improvements made to the AK platform over the last decade?

19:08 – Followup, what about the siderail optics?

21:10 – What is your favorite offshoot of the Kalashnikov family? 

22:08 – Reasons for continued use of 5.45mm?

24:32 – If you were part of the original development of the AK, what would you change from the beginning with the foresight of future development?

26:29 – AK-specific Vickers Tactical training in 2019?

27:16 – Underfolder, sidefolder, AR tube adapter, which one and why?

28:33 – Thoughts on the AK prototypes with a recoil reduction counterweight?

30:48 – How does the Russian GP-25 40mm grenade launcher compare to western 40mm launchers like the M203.

31:41 – What do the Russians think about our military rifle?

33:05 – What made the AK platform superior to the SKS?

35:10 – Where do you think the AK’s reputation for poor accuracy came from?

37:40 – Thoughts on the AN-94?

39:46 – Was AK production done with technical aid or reverse engineering?

41:52 – Unique unique features on the prototypes that never made it to production?

42:39 – If I want to own everything within 300m, what’s my optimal barrel length (accuracy/velocity) for a 7.62 or 5.45 gun?

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