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?R700 5R to 1,100yds/ .308Win: Practical Accuracy (Remington M40 M24 sniper base + SWFA 10×42)

Practical Accuracy scoreboard now on Patreon! ?

?Current record holder – lowest round count for precision rifle
Shooting the Remington 700 5R (308 Win) from 200 y to 1,100 y with an SWFA SS 10x42mm.
Parameters: 1x hit per target from 200yards to 1,100yards, segmented per 100 yds.

This rifle can shoot!

SWFA SS 10×42 scope (0.1 MRAD adjustments)

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OEM R700 with OEM barrel and standard HS Precision stock that has a Badger Ordnance bottom metal installed by Badger to take AI magazines. The rifle has been bedded, tuned, and barrel threaded by CW3 Ken Corcoran, former Army Marksmanship Unit small arms specialist/ gunsmith.

Distance Conversion:
200y – 182m
300y – 274m
400y – 366m
500y – 457m
600y – 549m
700y – 640m
800y – 732m
900y – 823m
1,000y – 914m
1,100y – 1006m

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