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The Dominican Republic Gets Mausers, 50 Years Too Late

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The Dominican Republic is one of the few Central and South American nations which did not buy Mauser rifles when they were the top of the line military armament available. Instead, the Dominicans waiting until the 1950s, and bought surplus long and short Mauser rifles from Brazil. Using their newly built arms factory in San Cristobol, they refurbished these Brazilian Mausers by scrubbing them of all markings, giving them a heavy new dark finish (including the receivers, which were originally in the white), varnishing the stocks, and remarking them as Dominican Republic property. Some were also rebarreled to .30-06 from the original 7x57mm, but apparently only a minority of them. Some of these were subsequently used, and some just went right into storage until ultimately sold as surplus and brought into the US.

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