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TAB Episode 21: Rheinmetall Volkssturm Carbine Live Fire

Correction: The reproduction featured in the video is based on Rheinmetall’s, not Erma’s, prototype stamped Volkssturm Carbine. While both the Ermawerke and Rheinmetall carbines are chambered in 7.92mm Kurz and share a number of similarities they are distinct designs.

The second in our series of short live fire and slow motion videos looks at the Rheinmetall Volkssturm Carbine. Matt had the opportunity to fire a replica of the little known bolt action and captured some great video.

Rheinmetall developed the carbine at the very end of the war for the Primitive Waffen program which was intended to arm the Volkssturm (a militia unit).

My thanks to Chuck Kramer of Gun Lab for helping make this video happen, check out his blog here:

We’ll discuss the development, design and history of the rifle in an upcoming full-length video, so stay tuned for that!

Check out our website for an accompanying article on the Carbine.

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