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TAB Episode 19: L2A3 Live Fire & Slow Motion

In this episode we bring you our first live fire and slow motion footage! Matt had the opportunity to fire a British L2A3 Sterling submachine gun and Vic captured some great video.

The Sterling was adopted by the British military in 1954 and standardised as the L2A3 in 1956. The gun featured in the video was a British Army gun built by Royal Ordnance Factory Fazakerly, rather than a commercial gun made by the Sterling Armaments Company – the original developers and manufacturer.

Our thanks to Graham over at for the loan of the camera which captured this great slow motion footage!

With the help of the slow motion camera we can take a look at the firing cycle of the L2A3 and how the weapon works. In future videos we will discuss in-depth the design, development and history of the Sterling.

Check out our website for an accompanying article on the Sterling.

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