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TAB Episode 17: Colt Advanced Combat Rifle

**Technical Note** Sadly, while filming Vic’s radio mic suffered some interference and the auto for the video was lost. Murphy’s law in action. In its place Vic has done his best with an overdub.

This week we bring you the last in our series on the US Army’s Advanced Combat Rifle Program. Vic takes a look at Colt’s entry into the program – very much a product improved M16.

The Colt ACR was the most conventional of the four entries into the ACR program. However, it did have a number of interesting features which set it apart from the M16. It used duplex ammunition with two projectiles, had a recoil mitigating muzzle device and a hydraulic buffer to make the weapon more controllable under fully automatic fire.

While the ACR program proved a failure it pushed the bounds of small arms technology. In the case of the Colt entry the flat-top upper receiver would be used on later M16s and M4s and the Elcan sight used would be adopted for use with the M240 and M249.

Check out our website for a full in-depth articles on both the ACR program and the Colt Rifle.

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