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Orden Y Patria: Carabineros de Chile Model 1935 Mauser

The Carabinieros de Chile were formed in 1927 by combining the Rural Police, Fiscal Police, and Corps of Carabinieros into a single national police organization. We do not have an organization like this in the United States, but they are fairly common elsewhere in the world, acting as sort of a combination of National Guard, FBI, and police.

At any rate, the Carabinieros needed rifles, and in 1935 they placed an order for 10,000 carbines from Mauser in Oberndorf. These were chambered for 7x57mm Mauser (the standard Chilean military cartridge) and were all delivered prior to the outbreak of World War Two. They are excellent quality rifles, and feature a number of unique markings, most notable the receiver crest of crossed rifles over the Carbinieros motto, “Orden Y Patria”. They also have a unique sling arrangement, with the original Mauser quick-detach fitting fixed permanently in place by the addition of a saddle ring for mounted use.

This particular example is all matching, including the cleaning rod, and has very nice distinct stock markings.

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