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Dig Hill 80 Fundraiser Update: Getting Close, But Not There Yet

For a chance to win a paid trip to see the site with Dan Snow, use this link to make your pledge to the project:

Help fund it here:
For more details:

Update: The fundraiser has about 60% of what it needs, with 5 more days to go. If you are interested in WW1 history, please consider joining us in supporting this project!

“Hill 80” was a German fortification in the town of Wytschaete, Belgium that was occupied from October 1914 all the way until the autumn of 1917. It has been untouched since, and today offers a fantastic opportunity for archaeologists to excavate a large and very well-preserved German fortification from WW1. A team of dedicated professional battlefield archaeologists is raising funds to conduct a full-scale excavation on the site in 2018, and they need our help to do it. The fundraiser only runs until December 17, so if you you share my interest in this history please act now by making a contribution and spreading the project to you friends!

Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in this, nor do I personally know the team behind it. I have contributed to the fundraiser myself, and if it succeeds I hope to be able to film either some of the dig or the final results for you!

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