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Q&A with Larry Vickers: German WW2 Gun and Modern Small Arms

Larry Vickers has published the newest book in the Vickers Guide series, and it looks at German small arms of World War II – the first of two volumes to do so.

I had a hand in the project writing a substantial chunk of the text, and so I met up with Larry to sign copies of the book. And since we were in the same room together, what better to do than a Q&A? These questions, as always, were provided by my wonderful group of supporters at Patreon…

1:02 – Any guns you regret selling?
2:08 – Condensed bio
5:13 – Is the DI system in the AR good or bad?
8:03 – What was Larry’s involvement in the HK 416?
9:04 – Why is the AK so good?
11:16 – 7.62×39 or 5.45×39?
12:39 – What gun do you want to add to your personal collection?
13:31 – Why is the AR guy (Vickers) doing a book on German WWII guns?
15:00 – Was the massive German R&D in WWII good or bad for them?
17:22 – If you were in WWII, what rifle and what job would you want?
19:40 – Thoughts on the Stoner 63
22:26 – As a lefty, how do you shoot bolt action rifles?
24:18 – What is the most interesting piece of firearms history development?
25:28 – What handgun would you have picked for the new Army handgun?
27:56 – Before the M4, what rifles/carbines did elite units use?
31:48 – Plans for another 1911 build class?
33:42 – Why were the Germans unique in developing a GPMG?
36:44 – Why does H&K hate 10mm?
39:38 – Preference for Inglis vs FN High Power?

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