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A Beautiful Alsop Pocket Revolver

Charles Alsop patented the Alsop revolver design in 1861 and 1862, and produced it in two varieties – a .36 caliber Navy and a .31 caliber Pocket. The two were made in a single serial number range, with about 500 Navies and 300 Pockets. This Alsop Pocket is in excellent condition, and shops us a glimpse of what one of these revolvers would have looked like out of the factory, with a mixture of deep bluing, strawing, and case hardening.

The Alsop design is similar to the Savage Navy revolver, which is not a surprise when one notices that several members of the Alsop family were stockholders in the Savage enterprise. The Alsop revolvers proved too expensive to be commercially sustainable, and the company additionally faced difficulty in keeping skilled workmen employed in the face of competition from other factories in the area.

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