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Japan’s Type 90 3-Barreled Naval Flare Pistol

The Japanese Navy used several different types of flare pistols during World War Two (and in the decades before), but the most impressive looking of the bunch was the three-barreled Type 90 (not to be confused with the two-barreled model also designated Type 90). The three barrels were not simply there to look intimidating, of course, but rather so that a flare of each of the three different colors in use could be kept ready at all times. The barrels were marked with colored decals to note the flare colors – one green, one white, and one red and yellow. In another unusual design decision, the entire upper assembly of the Type 90 is on a sliding spring-loaded track to absorb recoil.

For more information on Japanese flare pistols, see Teri’s page at Nambu World:

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