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Kleiner Waffenwerkzeugsatz – A German Armorer’s Tool Kit

Sold for $4,025.

This is a “Kleiner Waffenwerkzeugsatz” – a small armorer’s tool kit used by a German Waffenmeister. It is a really neat little set of handy and essential tools for working on small arms, which folds up and fits neatly into a standard German WWII ammunition can. The use of standard ammo cans for several other types of storage was common for the German military, as there were a bunch of vehicular mounts designed to fit ammo cans and it was a simple and universal type of storage. Anyway, this kit is in fantastic shape, and includes pliers, files, handles, calipers, wrenches, scrapers, and a portable vise for holding small parts. Everything you need to fix that shrapnel damage to your MG34!

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