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Book Review: Pistolas y Subfusiles de la República Producción de Guerra

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“Pistolas y Subfusiles de la República Producción de Guerra” is a new 580-page reference book about the pistols and submachine guns made in the Republican zone during the Spanish Civil War. It is written by three authors – Josep Mª Abad, Manuel Estirado, and Francisco Fuentes – and printed exclusively in Spanish. Unfortunately, my Spanish is not sufficient to read the text well enough to provide a real review, but I figure there are some folks who follow Forgotten Weapons who will be interested in it. So, I will show you what I can…

The book is split into half pistols and half submachine guns, plus short chapters on the general context of Spanish arms manufacturing and the production of ammunition during the war. For pistols, the chapters cover the Astra 400, CNT/FAI Ascaso, RE, Astra 400 copies without safeties, the Isard, and a brief section on “artisanal” handguns. The submachine gun section includes chapters on the Olot-Fontbernat, Labora,David Schmeisser, another MP28 copy, and the Erma EMP. The book includes a great number of photographs, including excellent details shots showing differences between features, the present condition of building which once housed manufacturing facilities, and period photographs and propaganda posters.

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