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Shooting the Norinco QBZ/Type 97 NSR

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Today it’s time to take the Norinco QBZ-97 – aka Type 97 NSR – out to the range for some shooting! This is the Canadian semiautomatic-only legal version of China’s new military rifle, and it is chambered for the 5.56mm NATO cartridge (the Chinese military models use their 5.8x42mm cartridge).

Overall, the Type 97 is an acceptable rifle in all ways, but an excellent rifle in none. Its controls are functional but slow, and its trigger leaves a lot to be desired. The sights in particular are begging for improvement, in my opinion – the rear apertures are just too small to use easily.

That said, the rifle did run just fine throughout the day, I was able to make most of my hits, and it is a remarkably low-cost option (especially in Canada).

Thanks to Daniel and Colin for arranging this opportunity for me to take a look at the rifle!

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