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Reising Model 60 – A Wartime Semiauto Carbine

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The Reising Model 60 was the semiautomatic-only variant of the Reising Model 50 submachine gun. Offered side by side with the submachine guns, the Model 60 was also chambered for .45ACP and used the same magazines and a closed-bolt operating system that was identical except for the lack of a full auto option on the safety/selector switch.

The Model 60 was made between 1943 and 1949, and only about 3250 were made in total. They were used by a variety of factory guards, railway guards, and police units during WWII – people who needed a firearm, but not necessarily the amount of firepower available from a fully automatic one. H&R promoted the Model 60 (with its 18.25 inch barrel) as a particularly accurate gun suitable for making precise shots at longer ranges that could be done with an SMG.

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