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Special Presentation: What is Gold Damascene?

Today were are going to do something a bit different than normal, and take a detailed look at an intersection of arms and art: gold damascene. This is a type of art used to embellish a wide variety of objects, including firearms.

Gold damascene enjoyed a renaissance in Spain in the mid 1850s thanks to the work of a man named Placido Zuloaga and his father. During this time, and at Placido’s hands, the form changed from a simple background to show off engraving into a technique of primary artistry.

In this video, we will look at:

– What gold damascening actually is (compared to other forms of artistic embellishment)
– How the art form developed from the 1850s until the current day
– How damascening is actually done
– The main different styles
– How to discern good damascening from outstanding damascening and mediocre damascening

Hopefully, this will leave you with both a new appreciation and a new understanding of damascening!

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