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Q&A #10: Collectible Surplus Guns, Dumb US Decisions, and Lots of French Stuff

We do have some great questions this time around! Specifically:

0:25 – Gain twist rifling, description and application
5:40 – The 6.5mm Arisaka compared to modern 6.5mm cartridges
7:44 – US abandonment of the M1917 Enfield in favor of the 1903 Springfield after WW1
12:02 – Guns I am hyped to get my hands on
14:00 – Guns I have bid on or won at James Julia and Rock Island
15:14 – Would Stoner still use gas impingement today?
20:10 – Modernization of the BAR
23:43 – How & why of military firearms surplus and US dealers thereof
35:46 – What to look for in collectible firearms
38:36 – Camera operators and other FW assistants
39:57 – What killed the rimmed and/or rimfire cartridge
42:00 – Binary trigger systems
44:08 – Rotating barrel pistols today?
45:20 – My biggest surprise opportunity
46:27 – Cooper’s Scout Rifle concept
49:32 – Shooting matching numbered guns
52:36 – Will I be covering more early firearms?
54:40 – Why French arms got a bad reputation
1:00:19 – The L85A2, and its potential availability in the US
1:04:02 – On-location footage from battlefields and such

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