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Bern Prototype Carbine: Intermediate Cartridges in the 1920s

Designed by Adolf Furrer, this carbine represents a very early experiment with intermediate power ammunition. It is a long recoil semiautomatic carbine with an under barrel tube magazine – quite the interesting combination of 19th and 20th centuries! The cartridge used was the experimental Swiss 7.65x27mm, and a similar but slightly longer 7.65x35mm was also used. These were loaded with round nosed bullets, although spitzer bullets would be used in later prototypes with box magazines.

Furrer was the director of the WF Bern factory, and in an excellent position to develop this type of proto-assault rifle. This particular example is one of 5 of its type made, and is one of the very first of his designs of the type. Development would continue for many years, but the concept was not taken up by Swiss armed forces. These guns and their ammunition would be revisited right after World War 2 and more experimental guns made, but would again be ultimately rejected in favor of the Stgw-57 in 7.5x55mm.

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