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Why Lee-Enfield rimjams are not a big deal

So, like, rimmed ammo is a massive systematic problem, and weren’t the British so stupid for keeping it around for so long, eh? I mean, it’s bound to inevitably cause rimjams like every time you reload cos a rim will catch behind another rim, how massively stupid is that? Cos Mosin-Nagants with iffy interruptors do that, and they’re with rimmed ammo, so that must be the same with Lee-Enfields too, right? Oh, and apparently Americans call it “rimlock”…

What, you mean that actually that’s not an issue in any serious manner? That they dealt with it with engineering? Who knew?

Explains rather why the British army never bothered to get rid of .303 post-ww1 and waited for the adoption of a self-loader post WW2.

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