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Swiss Straight-Pulls Episode 1: general overview

As the start of a looooong series looking at each of the Swiss straight-pulls from the 1889 to the K31, The Bloke gives a short (ha!) overview of the series, and the context of the Swiss militia system in which they existed.

Yeah, there’s a couple of ad breaks. Sorry. But it helps to support what we do here at BotR so please be understanding. Also, I corrected an incorrect velocity with an annotation (that those viewing on mobile won’t see) – GP11 is about 2550 fps, not 2600/2650.

Featuring the models:
Schmidt-Rubin 1889
Mannlicher 1893 carbine
1889/96 (in person!)
1897 Cadet rifle
1900 short rifle
1905 carbine
G96/11 and

Also features possibly the Youtube’s first demonstration of the rare and elusive DM-Lader, the Swiss Mauser-style charger / stripper clip!



Teh Twatters: @Blokeontherange

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