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SIG PE-57: Swiss Roller-Delay!

Want to see a shooting comparison of the PE-57 and the G3? Check out today’s InRangeTV video:

The SIG PE-57 is the civilian semiauto version of the Stgw57, Switzerland’s first self-loading service rifle. Developed from the German MG-42 but incorporating a substantial influence form the FG-42 as well, the PE-57 is a roller-delayed blowback action chambered for the 7.5x55mm Swiss cartridge. It was also made for US commercial expoert as the SIG AMT (American Match Target), and sold to the militaries of Bolivia and Chile.

The PE-57 uses an in-line stock layout much like the FG-42, which minimizes muzzle climb, as well as a folding bipod which can be positioned at either the front or rear of the barrel shroud. The standard magazines hold 24 rounds. This rifle looks very awkward, but handles quite well, except for its rather heavy weight (12.25 pounds / 5.6kg). It is most at home in a fixed position, firing at long range targets from its bipod.

Only a few thousand of these rifles were ever imported into the US, and I would like to thank Bob for generously providing use of this one for video!

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