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Q&A #9: Gas Impingement, Reading List, Squeeze-Bores, and More!

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Today’s questions:

1:06 – Forgotten Weapons reading list?
3:17 – Do old milsurp rifles normally have terrible triggers?
4:38 – Underappreciated and/or undervalued firearms for a beginning collector?
8:15 – Myriad of early semiauto designs because of experimentation or patent avoidance?
10:10 – Belt & Holster western shooting experience fundraiser
12:00 – Direct gas impingement
14:52 – Offset suppressors, like the Osprey and Salvo-12
18:43 – Why single shot .22LR training rifles?
22:05 – Why 30 rounds as standard mag capacity?
26:46 – Why not more straight-pull bolt actions?
29:28 – Will other manufacturing methods allow for more reproductions?
35:34 – Top 5 requirements for a rifle trial?
41:20 – If I could only have 3 guns, what would they be?
44:27 – My match shooting history and how FW began.
49:22 – Successful gas operated pistol?
51:31 – What guns will be remembered as defining this era?
53:46 – Are integrally suppressed guns the next fad and are they worthwhile?
57:38 – Squeeze-bore firearms like the sPzB-41
1:03:28 – Would the Jager pistol make a good home project?
1:05:45 – What was the purpose of rimmed ammunition?
1:07:43 – Have I had an “oh crap” moment when something went wrong with a gun as an auction house?

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