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Bergmann No.5 / 1897

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The Bergmann #5 was the first pistol in the Bergmann line to have a locked breech action, taken from one of Schmeisser’s machine gun patents. This model was introduced in 1897 using a more powerful cartridge than any of the previous Bergmanns, with the intention of finding military contracts. The new 7.8mm cartridge (actually .30 caliber, same as the 7.63mm Mauser) fired an 85gr bullet at 1300fps, which made it the equal of any other pistol cartridge at the time.

In addition to the more potent round, the 1897 design also replaced the Mannlicher-style clips with detachable box magazines holding 10 rounds. The detachable shoulder stock/holster also became a standard accessory, made for every pistol (instead of an option as on the 1896 models).

The No.5 was tested by Switzerland and England (and possibly other nations) but rejected by both. The English were not satisfied with the caliber (they wanted .45) and the Swiss found it too fragile and unreliable. In total only about a thousand were made.

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