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Shooting quietly without a silencer? Inconceivable? Nope…

The Bloke demonstrates how to shoot quietly for indoor training (or hunting for those of that bent) with a long-barrelled .22 rimfire. Specifically, his Lee-Enfield No.7. Without a silencer / moderator.

Standard velocity .22 rf is already pretty quiet, and needs no hearing protection outdoors out of the 25+ inches of barrel. RWS Z Lang, so-called “Zimmerpatronen”, which recreate the old .22 Long ballistics with smokeless powder and a 29gn bullet are even more so, and 6mm Flobert / .22 BB caps make hardly any noise at all.

The accuracy and the point of impact is not so different for the standard .22’s and the Z Langs at 50m, but the 6mm Floberts have distinctly run out of legs by that point.

An in a future video, we’ll be showing you how to do it with careful handloading of cast bullets and with published load data!!!

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