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USMC Winchester 70 Sniper – Vietnam Era

Sold for $9,200.

This Winchester M70 was a rifle owned by the Captain of the Camp Pendleton rifle team, and as such it is an excellent authentic example of the US sniper rifle of the early Vietnam era. It is chambered for the .30-06 cartridge, with a Winchester heavy target barrel and shorter stock. The scope is a 14x Unertl – quite high magnification, considering that the most recent official issue sniper rifle at the time was the M1D with a 2.2x scope. These rifles were used in a quasi-official capacity in Vietnam, and would ultimately evolving into the official M40 and M40A1 sniper rifles.

M1C Sniper Garand:
M1D Sniper Garand:
MC-1952 Sniper Garand:
M1903A4 Sniper Rifles:

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