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Marine Corps MC-1952 Sniper Garand

Sold for $11,500.

The MC-1952 was a variation on the M1C Garand sniper rifle, adopted by the US Marine Corps in 1952. The Marines were not satisfied with the low magnification of the Lyman scopes on the Army M1C, and after some experimentation they adopted their own version of the rifle using a 4x scope made by Kollmorgan (commercially sold as the Bear Cub). This scope had a larger tube and lenses, and offered both greater magnification and superior light gathering capabilities. It also was fitted with windage and elevation dials far better for precision shooting that the Lyman had, with clearly audible and tangible clicks.

The MC-1952 was only made and used in small numbers, but it remains an interesting showcase of the difference in approaches to sniping between the US Army and US Marine Corps.

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