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Unusual Lee-Enfield: SMLE Mk.I**

Bloke cops a feel of a rather exotic and sexy Lee-Enfield: the Naval issue SMLE Mk.I**. These were modifications of SMLE Mk.I’s (i.e. No.1 Mk.I’s) to make them more like a Mk.III. Approved in 1908, the front sight wings were straightened, the barleycorn replaced with a rectangular post, and the rear sight leaf was replaced with a U instead of a V. Starting in 1912, the rearsight beds were ground down for the Mk.VII ammunition, and the sliding charger guide of the Mk.I was replaced with the charger bridge of the Mk.III.

Bloke also manages to let loose a “mad 5 rounds”, just for fun. Because he can 🙂

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