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Savage .45 ACP Pistols: History & Disassembly

In the US pistol trials of 1907 that eventually led to the adoption of the Colt/Browning Model 1911, the two strongest competitors to the Browning design were the Luger and the Savage. Luger declined the opportunity to participate in extended field trials, and so the two finalists were Browning and Savage.

Savage had their original 1907 pistol, of which approximately 288 were manufactured. Fifteen of these were modified to a 1910 pattern to improve them, and then a further 5 pistols were made new for the final set of trials, to a third pattern (the 1911 model of the Savage).

In this video were are looking at all three varieties, along with information on how the guns were later resold to the public, how to disassemble them, and how the function mechanically.

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