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Small Arms of WWI Primer 013: Belgian FN Model 1900 Pistol

Othais and Mae delve into the story of this WWI classic. Complete with history, function, and live fire demonstration.

C&Rsenal presents its WWI Primer series; covering the firearms of this historic conflict one at a time in honor of the centennial anniversary. Join us every other Tuesday!

Cartridge: 7.65×17mm
Capacity: 7 rnds
Length: 6.75″
weight: 1.4 lbs

John Browning’s original .32 ACP handgun would change the firearms world. Introducing

an entire consumer market and the slide fired pistol concept. Learn more about this

revolutionary piece!

Additional reading:

FN Browning Pistols: Side-Arms that Shaped the World History
Anthony Vanderlinden

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Music provided by Melissa Hyman of The Moon and You

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Ammunition data thanks to DrakeGmbH

Archival work by Georgy

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