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Confederate Revolvers: Leech, Rigdon, & Ansley

Hammer prices:
Leech & Rigdon: $34,000
C.H. Rigdon: $55,000
Rigdon & Ansley: $35,000

There was not much industrial production the the Confederate States of America during the US Civil War, and Confederate-made revolvers have been very collectible for a very long time. Today we’re taking a look at three such revolvers made by a series of companies that evolved throughout the war. Specifically, a Leech & Rigdon, a CH Rigdon, and a Rigdon & Ansley.

All three are mechanically copies of the Colt 1851 Navy, as are most Confederate revolvers, but they have some distinctive features. In addition, by looking at all three together we can see some of the changes that took place as the war progressed.

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