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A Brief Tour of the Rock Island Auction Company

I have been spending this past week at the Rock Island Auction Company, making a series of videos on guns that will be in their upcoming regional auction (they will start running on the site here at the beginning of June). I posted a few photos on Facebook, and had someone request a video. Well…why not? So I put together a brief tour of the place. This coming auction will have about 6,500 guns for sale, and that makes for some pretty impressive racks of guns to browse through looking for good video subjects. 🙂

For the record (since I’m sure people will ask), I’m not an RIA employee, and have no direct financial incentive in the sale prices of any of their guns. They are a sponsor of my web site, and we have a mutually very beneficial relationship – they get publicity for their auctions and I get access to a whole lot of very rare and interesting guns.

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