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A song for my brother’s birthday: Te és én a negyvenedikre

This is for my brother, Viktor, who just turned 40 today. This is a special present for him. We played music together more than 20 years, a major – probably the most important – experience in our lives. There were times when we spent more time a week playing music in smokey pubs than we spent with our girlfriends… There are not too many songs we recorded, but this is i think the best of them all. The song is about simple things like being friends no matter how asshole the other is. Things that are easy to tell, but hard to feel. I believe you need that 40 years to understand and see what friendship is, and who your real friends are. We are lucky guys for sure, because of Viktor. The title of the song “Te és én” means simply “You and me”. Oh yes, and don’t look for any special message in this video. We got drunk and simply recorded what we thought is ok. 😉 So happy birthday Bro! Let that sound flow! 🙂 Your band.

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