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Forgotten Weapons Video Fundraiser – High Speed Stretch Goal!

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Our IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for a new set of video gear has now met its original goal (in just over 2 days!) – so I’m adding in a stretch goal to carry it through the rest of the 30-day time frame. This new additional goal is an Edgertronic professional-grade high speed camera. This would allow us to take a look at what is happening in firearms cycling at 700-2500 frames per second. There are high-speed clips out there of guns, but nothing of the more exotic and interesting guns that we showcase here on Forgotten Weapons. Take a look at the is review of the Edgertronic, and see if you think it would be a worthwhile addition to the Forgotten Weapons video tools:

I’m totally blown away by everyone’s enthusiasm and generosity, and am grateful to all of you!

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