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Frommer 1910: Test Firing (well, trying to)

Days at the range don’t always go as planned.

After over a year of looking, I finally managed to recently find a box of 7.65mm Frommer (Short) ammo that I could use to test-fire my Frommer 1910. Huzzah! It sure is tiny little stuff…and I was able to get is for a great price because the seller (a professional ammo seller, surprisingly) thought it was 7.65mm Browning. So anyway, I packed up the gun, the ammo, and the cameras and headed out to the range.

Well, it turned out that the test-firing was a flop. The hammer spring in my 1910 is really weak – much to weak to successfully overcome the firing pin spring and also detonate a primer. But there is no firing pin safety on the 1910, so it should be possible to fire the gun manually by hitting the firing pin, right? Well, I really wanted to get some slow-motion footage of the thing operating…


I need to replace the firing pin spring, and then we can try again. I think there is a decent chance that resistance from the rod used to hit the firing pin slowed the slide enough to cause the action to short-cycle. It is possible that there are other problems with the action that need to be addressed, though. Oh, and I also discovered that the feed lips on my magazine are pretty sketchy – the mag likes to fountain all the cartridges out if you load more than two at a time. Not that I was ever planning to do any very rigorous shooting with this particular pistol, but I would really like to get it running well enough to get some better video.

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