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Armitage International Skorpion Scarab 9mm

In my defense, I want to point out that the only reason I wanted to get one of these pistols was to see how much it actually resembled the Czech vz.61 Skorpion, wich is a very nice piece of machinery. And the answer is, the Armitage “Scarab” version is like the real Skorpion in basic profile only. Well, that and the use of a simple blowback action.

The 9x19mm Skorpion Scarab was made in South Carolina by Armitage International in 1989 and 1990, with a total of just 600 being produced. They were chasing the same market as the MAC-10, TEC-9, and similar big scary-looking pistols. In fact, the Scarab uses modified M10 magazines (an extra cut added in the top side to match with its mag catch) and is threaded for MAC barrel extensions or suppressors. The rate reducing mechanism from the vz.61 is absent (no surprise, as the Scarab is semi-auto only), and the FCG is a copy of a basic AK FCG. The upper assembly is stamped and folded like a MAC, and the bolt is designed to be extremely simple to manufacture. The gun has none of the finesse of the Czech Skorpion. In fact, it’s one of the worst pistols I’ve ever used…

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