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Boberg XR9-L Review for TheFirearmBlog

There are really no new ideas in firearms design today – some of the best and brightest engineers humanity has produced have spent the last 120+ years figuring out every possible mechanism for building self-loading firearms. What we have today in new guns are creative new ways to put together various different design elements in new ways to make more efficient and reliable guns. The Boberg XR9-L (and its shorter companion piece, the XR9-S) is a pretty slick compact carry gun that harkens back to the original monster hand cannon, the Mars Automatic Pistol. What makes the Boberg so interesting is that it feeds cartridges backwards out of the magazine, instead of the standard method of pushing them forward – like the Mars did. This requires a pretty creative feed system, and all for the end goal of getting a long barrel in a short pistol.

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