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M578 VTR walk around

M578 -Vehicle, Tracked, Recovery. The Institute of Military Technology refurbishes a recovery vehicle, fully tracked: lightly armored, M578. The M578 is put back into services at the I.M.T. for its crane, which has a winch that has a capacity of 30,000 lbs on it and is run through the cab that can turn 360 degrees. Another winch has a 60,000 lb capacity and is located on the front of the cab. It’s GM V-8 871 T 2 cycle supercharged diesel, with 567.4 cub. in which pushes out 345hp @ 2,300 rpm was refurbished, and test driven (top speed 37mph) by I.M.T.’s tank shop. It was originally built by the FMC Corp. starting in 1962. The United States of America, the UK, and Israel used the M578 during the Vietnam War. The United States of America, Austria, Brazil, Denmark, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, and the UK are all users of the M578.

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