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Ljungman AG-42B at the Range

Being right in the depths of winter, it seemed like a good time to take a Scandinavian rifle out to the range. Specifically, a Swedish Ljungman AG-42B. This is one of the few semiauto military rifles chambered for a full-power cartridge lighter than the 7.62 NATO (the other common one being the FN49 in 7×57), and I was curious about whether that lighter round would really make much difference in how the rifle felt. The answer? It definitely does.

The Ljungman is a bit of a bulky rifle, with a fairly long action and stock. Shooting it is very pleasant, though. The light-ish cartridge and muzzle brake make for fairly mild recoil, and a very controllable gun. It sure does fling brass, though – close to 20 feet ahead and slightly to the right.

If you would like to see more on the inner workings of the AG-52B, you should take a look at our previous video on the Ljungman, which has us disassembling one in the shop:

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