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Why a .22 caliber firearm may be the most important purchase you can make… part 2: Ammo Choices



Everyone should own a quality 22 pistol and rifle. Here’s 1 reason.

1st load in video: CCI “Mini Mags” about $11 a box for 100

2nd load: Federal Bulk Pack which is basically the loads that are sold in 550 “bricks” at places like Walmart about 18 bucks a box

3rd load: Aguila “Sniper Sub Sonic” 60grain @4-5 bucks a box for 50.

4th load: Aguila “High Veolicty 22. Corto” they come in a yellow box and run about 4 bucks for 50

5th load: Aguila “Colibris” which come in two types: A yellow box and a blue and black box. Yellow box Colibris are for pistols, and B&B for rifles. Very quiet. Bullet weighs 20 grains and only use a priming mixture. No powder.
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