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Gardner 2 barrel Machine Gun (1879)

An animation of the 2 barrel Gardner machine gun manufactured by William Gardner to his 1879 patent. Several hundred 2 and 5 barrel guns were manufactured by William Gardner in the United Kingdom from about 1880, and saw service in the Royal Navy, British Army and were sold to Denmark and the Netherlands. The animation shows firstly the 1887 Mk II model with exposed barrels, and then a view of the Mk I on a naval mounting from 1885. The Mk I has enclosed barrels and an external rear sight. These guns, manufactured by Gardner, differ from guns seen in the United States, which are generally based either on Gardner’s original patent of 1876, purchased by Pratt & Witney, or on Pratt & Witney’s later design, based on the 1880 patents of Edward Parkhurst. Parkhurst patents include a different lock mechanism, water cooled barrels and a double column magazine. In addition, Parkhurst Gardner guns eject spent cartridges through the base, while Gardner’s guns eject through the sides. For more animations of Victorian era machine guns search YouTube for vbbsmyt.

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