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Sporterizing the Mosin Nagant Part 5- Shortening the Barrel and Removing the Rear Sight Base



Some of you may choose to shorten the barrel of your rifle. The M91/30 has a 1 in 9.5″ right hand twist. The barrel on a standard NATO rifle in 7.62x51mm is around 21″ so I decided to go with a barrel length of 22″ The crown we cut is a 11 degree crown.

The chamber is in pristine shape and the lands and grooves are strong and pronounced on this rifle.

One thing I will note is that a counter bore is done to increase accuracy in a rifle that has excessive muzzle wear or has been clean carelessly. Before we shortened the barrel, the overall bore diameter slugged at 314″ when started from the muzzle end. After shortening and recrowning the barrel, the overall slug diameter is now 312″, which tells me that the muzzle had a little wear.

One good thing about having a shorter barrel too is the decrease in excessive barrel vibrations, which can have a negative effect on accuracy.

Many people build .308 WIN Sniper rifles with a 20″ bull barrel with a 1-10″ right hand twist and get excellent accuracy out to 1000 yards.

The standard service load of WW2 in the 7.62x54r utilized a fairly heavy bullet, so the 174 grain Sierra Matchkings I plan on shooting out of this rifle should perform well with the given barrel length and fast twist.
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