Briefly: Spanish Jo.Lo.Ar.

Spanish Pistol JoLoAr right

Pistol Jo.Lo.Ar Manufacturer HCA , OyV
Cartridge Various Overall Length Various
Action Blowback Barrel Length Various
Magazine Various Weight Various








The Jo.Lo.Ar design was applied to a family of pistols in various sizes and chamberings.  They were unified, however, by their unique loading choices.

Firearm Anatomy: Eight Pistols of WWII

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For those of you who may not know, we’re in the middle of an Anatomy Project in an attempt to put together a heck of a book.  It will cover the major eight powers of WWII and we’ve already released the first batch of rifles.  Well now it’s time for phase two: pistols.  We’ve already provided the country summaries in the previous link so let’s get right to it.

Pistol: Chinese Browning M1900 Copy

Chinese FN 1900 Clone left

Pistol M1900 Copy Manufacturer Various
Cartridge .32ACP Overall Length 6.8″
Action Blowback Barrel Length 4″
Magazine 7 rnds rmvbl mag Weight 1.4 lb



Browning’s Model 1900 pistol was an icon and reasonably simple to manufacture.  So when soldiers went looking for pistols in China, this one was an obvious choice.

Pistol: FP-45 “Liberator”


Pistol FP-45 “Liberator” Manufacturer Guide Lamp
Cartridge .45 ACP Overall Length 5.56″
Action Single Shot Barrel Length 4″
Magazine n/a Weight 1 lb







The United States of America entered WWII with a manufacturing capacity untouched by the wars raging in Europe and the Far East.  Without saboteurs at their back or bombers overhead, US arms industry was able to spend valuable time and resources on alternative weapons of war.  One of these projects ultimately ended the fight in the Pacific with two huge blasts, but a lesser-known operation attempted to undermine the Nazi’s with 1,000,000 armed civilians.

Pistol: French Mle.1935 A

French Mle1935a Full B right

Pistol Mle.1935 A Manufacturer S.A.C.M.
Cartridge 7.65×20mm Overall Length 7.4″
Action Short Recoil Barrel Length 4.1″
Magazine 8 rnds removable Weight 1.6 lb






While an excellent pistol overall, the French Mle.1935 does not necessarily stand out in any one way.  It was produced a bit late to see widespread use in WWII, but stayed in service until the 1950’s.

Pistol: French Ruby Mle.1915

French Pistol Ruby M1915 right


Pistol Mle.1915 “Ruby” Manufacturer Various
Cartridge .32ACP Overall Length 6.2″
Action Blowback Barrel Length 3.4″
Magazine 9 rnds removable Weight 1.9 lb







WWI was a maelstrom no one fully expected and the French quickly ran short of small arms.  They turned to nearby Spain for cheap and plentiful stocks of these simple pistols.

Pistol: Frommer Stop

Pistol Frommer Stop Manufacturer FÉG
Cartridge 7.65 Frommer Overall Length 6.5″
Action Long Recoil Barrel Length 3.7″
Magazine 7 rounds vertical Weight 1.32 lbs






One upside-down looking pistol saw both world wars in the hands of Hungarian troops and police officers.  But just why is it so strange in appearance?

Pistol: German Dreyse Model 1907

German Pistol Dreyse M1907 right

Pistol Dreyse M1907 Manufacturer Rheinische M. u. M.
Cartridge .32ACP Overall Length 6.4″
Action Blowback Barrel Length 3.6″
Magazine 7 rnds dtch Weight 1.5 lb







This unusual looking pistol was an attempt to enter the then-new market of semi-automatic pocket pistols without stumbling on John Browning’s patents.

Pistol: German Walther P38

Walther P38 right

Pistol Pistole 38 Manufacturer Various
Cartridge 9x19mm Overall Length 8.5″
Action Short Recoil Barrel Length 4.9″
Magazine 8 rnds removable Weight 1.7 lbs






Walther had been known as a quality pistol manufacturer before WWI, but the massive contracts from the military had given them a new post-war goal: To develop the next standard German standard military pistol.

Pistol: Hungarian 29M

Hungarian Pistol 29M left

Pistol Pisztoly 29 Minta Manufacturer FÉG
Cartridge 9x17mm Overall Length 6.8″
Action Blowback Barrel Length 3.9″
Magazine 7 rnd detach Weight 1.7 lbs







Hungarian small arms history is often overlooked but the inventors in Budapest were genuinely talented and came up with some wonderfully unique designs.  Here we have a lesser known interim pistol, the 29M.