Terminology: German Rifle Manufacturing Codes

During the Interwar Period military expansion in Germany was forbidden under the Versailles Treaty. The newly established Nazi government, however, had other ideas. In order to hide or at least obscure the pace of rearmament the military assigned simple alphabetical or numerical codes to manufacturers. There are codes for nearly every subcontractor and the list can be very long. Instead of covering all of these, here is a table breaking down the sorts of German rifle manufacturing codes you’re likely to find on the receiver of your gun.

Terminology: Magazines, Clips, and En Blocs

Precision and accuracy are important considerations when shooting your firearm, but they are equally important when talking about your firearm. Using incorrect terminology can lead to confusion, so in order to make the gun community more accurate and precise, let’s address the common misuse of the terms “magazine” and “clip.”

Terminology: Mum’s not the word.



Many of you may be guilty of using the word “mum” when talking about the Arisaka rifles of Japan.  There is debate on the origin of this term and I’m here to hopefully clarify some of it.  But first let’s review what a “mum” is.



Terminology: What’s Your Ring Size?


Mauser rifles essentially developed in one of two configurations: large or small ring. Some countries, who began adopting Mauser rifles a little later, created their own intermediate dimensions. Let’s clear up just what these terms mean.

Tip: How to read Swedish Mauser Stock Disks

Did you ever wonder what that little disk in the stock of your Swedish Mauser meant? Or maybe the disk is missing and you wanted to know what that hole in the stock was all about. Suzie’s here to solve the mystery for you.