Disassembly: vz.27 Pistol


Germany’s invasion of Czechoslovakia gave them access to the manufacturing all too necessary for their ambitions.  One poorly selling commercial pistol marketed towards police forces was given new life when it was adopted in large numbers by the conquerors.  We’ve disassembled one for you collectors that prefer a little recon before you start dismantling.


Parts Guide:

  1. Slide
  2. Extractor
  3. Extractor Spring
  4. Extractor Pin
  5. Firing Pin Spring
  6. Firing Pin
  7. Firing Pin Retainer
  8. Barrel
  9. Recoil Spring
  10. Recoil Spring Guide Rod
  11. Barrel Retainer
  12. Sideplate (with Sideplate Screw)
  13. Frame
  14. Safety Release
  15. Take Down Latch
  16. Trigger
  17. Magazine Disconnector
  18. Disconnector Pin
  19. Magazine
  20. Barrel Bushing
  21. Disconnector
  22. Disconnector Spring
  23. Hinge Pin
  24. Hammer
  25. Trigger Bar
  26. Safety Catch
  27. Safety & Trigger Bar Spring
  28. Hammer Spring
  29. Magazine Catch
  30. Spring Retaining Screw
  31. Grip Screw
  32. Grip


 Field Stripping the vz.27 Pistol

1. Remove the Magazine and make certain the chamber of your vz.27 pistol is clear.  Safety First!

2. Return the Magazine and pull the Slide back until it locks in place.

3. Depress the Take Down Latch button on the right side of the frame and hold.






4. Slide down the Take Down Latch on the left side of the frame.  You may now lift out the Take Down Latch.

5. Grip the Slide firmly and remove the Magazine.  Caution!  Removing the Magazine will release the Slide, which is under spring pressure.  Ease the Slide forward off the Frame.



6. The Recoil Spring, Recoil Spring Guide Rod, and Barrel Retainer should now drop out easily.





7. Rotate the Barrel Bushing counter clockwise just a few degrees while pulling gently to remove it from the Slide.





8. Pull the Barrel forward until the lugs on the underside align with a channel cut into the Slide.  Rotate the Barrel 180 degrees into the channel, then pull it out of the front of the Slide.


Your vz.27 pistol is now field stripped.



Fully Disassembling Your vz.27 Pistol


1. Remove the Grip Screws on either side of the pistol and ease the Grip off the back of the Frame.





2. Earlier models will have a Sideplate Screw.  If it is present, loosen it considerably.  It is not necessary or recommended to remove it completely.

3. Using a small hammer or punch  drift the Sideplate up and out of the frame.  Alternate between the left and right sides if it is snug.

4. Replace the Magazine.  Retain the Hammer with your thumb and pull the Trigger.  Ease the Hammer down completely.  You may remove the Magazine again.


5. Remove the Safety Catch by lifting it from the rear and then moving it forward.  You may now pull the Safety & Trigger Bar Spring out of the Frame as well.





6. Lift out the Safety Release.






7. Lift out the Trigger Bar assembly.  This may require some wiggling and gentle prying.  Start at the rear.





8. You may remove the Disconnector and Disconnector Spring from the Trigger Bar by drifting out the Hinge Pin.





9. Now lift out the Trigger.  You may need to use a small screwdriver to catch and depress the trigger spring to clear the Frame.





10. Drift out the Disconnector Hinge Pin at the base of the trigger guard.  You may now remove the Magazine Disconnector from the Frame.





11. Remove the Spring Retaining Screw from the rear of the pistol.






12. Using a screwdriver, press back on the Magazine Catch and carefully pry it down and out of the Frame.





13. Use a small screwdriver to depress the Hammer Spring while lifting the Hammer from the Frame.


14. You may use a punch to drift the Hammer Spring up and out of the Frame.



15. You may remove the ejector by drifting out its pin at the top of the Frame.  This is not suggested unless necessary as it is pressed firmly in place.





16. The Take Down Latch can be further disassembled by inserting a small screwdriver or pin in the slot at the base of the button and depressing the spring inside.  You can then slide the button out of the actual latch.  This, again, is not recommended unless necessary as it can be quite a struggle and damage the spring inside.




17. Getting back to the Slide; Use a punch to depress the Firing Pin.  Lift the Firing Pin Retainer from the Slide.  Caution! The Firing Pin is under spring pressure and should be retained carefully when removing the Firing Pin Retainer.  The Firing Pin and Firing Pin Spring should fall out easily now.




18. If necessary, you may remove the Extractor by drifting out the Extractor Pin from the underside of the Slide.  Be careful to keep track of the Extractor Spring, set underneath the Extractor.


19. The rear sight may be drifted out sideways from the Frame.  This is another adjustment that should only be done if necessary.


Your vz.27 is now fully disassembled.


Assembly for this pistol is just the reverse.  It’s honestly less complicated than even we imagined so there are no tips.  Just use the pictures from the individual steps to spot the alignment of parts.


8 Responses to “Disassembly: vz.27 Pistol”

  1. PCShogun says:

    Excellent Guide, Thank You.

    I usually notice the “Warning: Part under spring pressure” just after that small, hard to see part flies across the garage and lodges inside some obscure dust bunny.

  2. Morgan Smith says:

    Everyone deserves to know how to disassemble a pistol and must also know how to assemble it afterwards. And I’m glad that this site of your’s offers a step by step process that is indeed a great resource for everyone. Thanks and have a great day ahead! .

  3. Brandon says:

    Does anyone know where I can find a safety release for this pistol?

  4. Doolittle says:

    Hi Guys!

    I NEED part #14-the SAFETY RELEASE (button, latch or whatever you want to call it?), but it’s the only way to release the safety if it is engaged! Can anyone give me a heads-up on where I might track this part down? I’ve tried everyone I know! Thanks In Advance—please feel free to answer via email (gendoolittle@yahoo.com).


  5. George says:

    I have a CZ vz.24 which is very similar. How do I reassemble the slide with the receiver? The Take Down Latch pin has to match up with the Barrel Retainer but how do I do that? Pulling the slide all the way back, replacing the magazine, and then replacing the Take Down Latch pin doesn’t work. I have tried to observe the Barrel Retainer position through the slide/frame crevice tp position it above the Take Down Latch pin but still can’t align them.

  6. George says:

    The problem was the replacement recoil spring. It’s longer than the one that came with the gun and the barrel retainer won’t ride back far enough to engage the Take Down Latch. So I replaced the original, it reassembles but then doesn’t extract and feed properly. I must need an in-between length spring. Not sure if the one that came with it was stock.

  7. Thanks so much for the clear and concise directions. This must have taken considerable time, and I appreciate the work. Thanks again.

  8. jon p hawkins says:

    Thank you for doing this, extremely helpful

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