Disassembly: BAR 1918A2


This one might not be the most useful to everybody but we took it apart and might as well share it.  If you ever wondered just what it takes to strip a BAR click away.

  1.  Flash Hider/Bipod Bearing
  2.  Friction Washer
  3.  Front Sight Protector
  4.  Thumb Screws
  5.  Bipod Body
  6. Leg Assembly
  7. Foot Assembly
  8. Thumb Screw Key
  9. Operating Handle Plunger
  10. Operating Handle Spring
  11. Rear Sight Leaf Assembly
  12. Rear Sight Base
  13. Click Plunger
  14. Click Plunger Spring
  15. Windage Knob Pin
  16. Base Screw
  17. Rear Sight Windage Screw
  18. Windage Knob
  19. Rear Sight Base
  20. Operating Handle Plunger Pin
  21. Operating Handle
  22. Bolt Guide
  23. Bolt Guide Spring
  24. Sight Windage Scale
  25. Sight Windage Scale Screws
  26. Extractor
  27. Extractor Spring
  28. Bolt
  29. Firing Pin
  30. Bolt Link Pin
  31. Hammer
  32. Bolt Link
  33. Friction Cups
  34. Friction Cones
  35. Receiver
  36. Buffer Key
  37. Buffer Head
  38. Buffer Spring
  39. Actuator Tube Assembly
  40. Actuator
  41. Stock Friction Washer
  42. Stock Retaining Sleeve
  43. Slide Assembly
  44. Sear Release
  45. Actuator Spring
  46. Small Buttplate Screw
  47. Hinge Set Screw
  48. Hinge Lock Ball
  49. Hinge Lock Spring
  50. Butt Plate Assembly
  51. Stock
  52. Butt Swivel Assembly Screw
  53. Butt Swivel Assembly
  54. Butt Swivel Assembly Screw
  55. Large Buttplate Screw
  56. Recoil Spring
  57. Recoil Spring Guide Rod
  58. Shield
  59. Change Lever Stop
  60. Change Lever Stop Spring Retaining Pin
  61. Trigger Guard Retaining Pin
  62. Sear Spring
  63. Sear Release Stop Lever
  64. Change Stop Lever Spring
  65. Gas Tube Assembly Pin
  66. Hammer Pin
  67. Counter Recoil Spring
  68. Sear Carrier
  69. Sear
  70. Trigger Guard Body
  71. Sear Pin
  72. Change Lever
  73. Ejector
  74. Magazine Catch
  75. Magazine Catch Spring
  76. Ejector Lock and Spring
  77. Magazine Release
  78. Magazine Catch Pin
  79. Trigger
  80. Trigger Pin
  81. Connector
  82. Gas Regulator
  83. Lock Ring
  84. Gas Cylinder Body
  85. Gas Tube
  86. Forearm
  87. Long Forearm Screw
  88. Short Forearm Screw
  89. Follower
  90. Magazine
  91. Magazine Spring
  92. Magazine Floorplate


1.  Unload the rifle, remove the magazine, and double check that the gun is empty.  Hold back the bolt, pull the trigger, and ease the bolt forward.


2.  Unscrew the Flash Hider/Bipod Bearing.Step-2






3.  Remove the Bipod Body with its attached assembly.  You may also slip off the Friction Step-3Washer and the Front Sight Protector.




4.  The Gas Cylinder Assembly came in several variations.  Ours is the later model but disassembly for the earlier is similar and straight forward.  Use a punch or a spent 30-06 casing to unscrew the GStep-4as Regulator.






5.  Slip off the Lock Ring and proceed to unscrew the Gas Cylinder Body.Step-5






6.  Turn down the Gas Tube Retaining Pin and lift it from the Receiver.Step-6






7.  You may now pull the Forearm and Gas Tube from the Receiver. Step-7






8.  Now turn down the Trigger Guard Retaining Pin and lift it from the Receiver.  The trigger group may now be reStep-8moved.





9.  Reach into the Receiver and compress the Recoil Spring by pressing on the thumb pad of the Recoil Spring Guide Rod.  Now turn it 90 degrees and ease it out of the action.  CAUTION This component is under spring pressure.  Make certain to keep firm control of the assembly.  CAUTIONStep-9





10. You may use a punch or the Recoil Spring Guide Rod to drift out the Hammer Pin.  Insert the rod and slowly pull back on the Operating Handle while applying pressure.  When the parts line up you will feel the pin drift. Step-10






11.  You may now slide out the Operating Handle. Step-11






12.  Reach up and over the Slide Assembly and tap the Hammer forward and out of its mortise.  The assembly is press pinned from the factory and should not be broken down further. Step-12






13.  Flatten out the Bolt Assembly as best as possible and pull the Slide Assembly from the Receiver. Step-13






14.  Use your finger, a punch, or a screwdriver to depress the Bolt Guide into the Receiver, allowing you to lift the Bolt and Bolt Link up and out.Step-14






15.  The Firing Pin may be removed from the Bolt now.Step-15







16.  Remove the screws from the back and top of the Butt Plate Assembly. Step-16






17.  Unscrew the Stock Retaining Sleeve.  The Lock Washer, Actuator and Actuator Spring can be slipped out of the action now.Step-17






18.  The Stock may now be removed.  If necessary, use a plastic hammer on the heel of the Stock to drive it off the Receiver. Step-18







19.  Unscrew the Actuator Tube Assembly.  This can be done with a special tool or by using a punch in the available hole.  If it is marred or loose, try wrapping the tube in a rubber glove or other “clingy” material and twisting with vice grips. Step-19






20.  Slide out the Buffer Spring, Friction Cups, Friction Cones, and Buffer Head Assembly.Step-20






21.  Pull out the Buffer Key to free the Sear Release from the Buffer Head. Step-21






22.  Lift up the Change Lever Stop Spring Retaining Pin with a small screwdriver. CAUTION This part retains a small spring within the action.  Be careful to note and control the spring as you remove this component. CAUTION Step-22






23.  Drift out the Change Lever Stop along with the Change Lever Stop Spring.  They can be separated simply by pulling them apart.Step-23






24. Lift the Bolt Guide Spring from the Bolt Guide using a small punch or screwdriver.  Once one side is free you may wiggle it out of the Receiver along with the Bolt Guide.Step-24






25.  Drift out the Windage Knob Pin.  The Windage Knob can now be pulled free. Step-25






26.  The Click Plunger and Click Plunger Spring may be pulled from the Windage Knob. Step-26






27.  You may now unscrew the Rear Sight Windage Screw.Step-27






28.  Unscrew the Sight Base Screw and Sight Windage Scale Screws.  Take away the Sight Windage Scale.Step-28







29.  Use a brass or plastic hammer to tap the Rear Sight Base to the rear of the Receiver and free.Step-29







30.  Unscrew the Butt Swivel Assembly Screws and remove the Butt Swivel Assembly.Step-30







31.  Drift out the Bolt Link Pin to separate the Bolt and Bolt Link. Step-31







32.  Place a flat screwdriver head under the lip of the Extractor and firmly press into the body of it (away from the center of the Bolt) then lift it from the Bolt.  CAUTION This part can be easy to damage if you slip.  Make firm, smooth movements and do not attempt to force.  Only a few light pounds of pressure are necessary.  CAUTION Step-32






33.  Remove the Extractor Spring from the Extractor. Step-33









34.  The main bolt pin is set in the factory and should not be drifted out.


35.  Unscrew the Set Screw from the Butt Plate Assembly.  The Lock Spring and Ball can be tipped out.  The rest of the assembly is press set and should not be further broken down. Step-35







36.  The bipod breaks down further easily.  Just release all the Thumb Screws.  This will break down into the Bipod Body, 4x Thumb Screws, 2x Leg Assemblies, 2x Foot Assemblies, and 2x Keys. Step-36







37.  Unscrew the Long Forearm Screw and Short Forearm Screw.  Also loosen the Swivel Screw and slide it to the front.  (this can be broken down further, however many are press set and might be best left alone.) Step-37






38.  Tap the Forearm to the front and off the assembly.Step-38







39.  This next step takes three hands.  Press in on the Operating Handle Plunger in order to line up the Operating Handle Plunger Pin with a widened hole in the Operating Handle.  Hold it there and use a hammer to drift the Operating Handle Plunger Pin out of the assembly.  You may now remove the Operating Handle Plunger and Spring.   CAUTION These small components are under spring pressure.  Take extra care to contain them once they are freed. CAUTION Step-39







40.  Use a punch to depress the Ejector Lock and Spring and drift the Ejector from the face of the Trigger Guard Body.  The Ejector Lock and Spring, Magazine Release and Magazine Catch Spring are now free to be removed.  CAUTION There are two springs under pressure here.  Be careful to contain them.  CAUTION.Step-40






41.  Use a punch to drift out the Magazine Catch Pin. This will free the Magazine Catch.Step-41






42.  Now drift out the Trigger Pin.Step-42







43.  Use a small screwdriver or punch to lift and push out the Sear Spring.  The Trigger and Connector are now free. Step-43






44.  Drift out the Sear Pin.  You may now lift out the Sear and Sear Release Stop Lever. Step-44






45.  Use a punch to push up on the Sear Carrier.  This is under some spring pressure but not much.  Remove the Sear Carrier and the Counter Recoil Spring.Step-45







46.  Use a small screwdriver or punch to lift up on the Change Stop Lever Spring and slide it from the Trigger Guard Body.  This also frees the Change Lever from the side.Step-46







47.  Use a punch to drive the Magazine Floorplate from the Magazine.  This will release the Magazine Spring and the Follower.  CAUTION These components are under strong spring pressure.  Make certain to contain them as you release the floorplate.  CAUTIONStep-47







Just reverse this process for reassembly.

Reassembly Tips:

Here are some photos of the trigger group to help you reassemble it.BAR-reassembly-tip








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  1. Michael C Striplin says:

    Hello, Can you refer me to a site or person that can provide a large size of the BAR layout? Also would you provide me a point of contact for buying or selling BAR parts?
    Great write-up.
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