Disassembly: BAR 1918A2


This one might not be the most useful to everybody but we took it apart and might as well share it.  If you ever wondered just what it takes to strip a BAR click away.

Disassembly: Frommer Stop

The Frommer Stop can be a real hassle to tackle without proper instruction.  We took one apart half blind so you don’t have to.  Read below for step by step instructions on how to field strip this tiny Hungarian monstrosity.

Disassembly: Lahti m/40

The Lahti m/40 pistol is a cinch to strip but a bit of a hassle to fully disassemble.  Due to some rivets and roll pins we couldn’t quite go all the way with the one we had on loan but what we did get away with should be more than enough.

Disassembly: Nambu Type 14 Pistol


Love it or hate it, the Nambu Type 14 is a distinctive pistol with an even more distinct disassembly procedure.  By the time you’re through a “field strip” there are only a few pins left for a full deconstruction, so lets do it all in one.


Disassembly: U.S. Rifle M1 Carbine

The U.S. made M1 Carbine is a wonderful and reliable curio.  It’s also made of about a bajillion tiny parts.  Grab a magnetic tray and some hand tools and we’ll try to get you through this will all your fingernails and a minimum of cursing.  No promises on the bolt though.

Disassembly: vz.27 Pistol


Germany’s invasion of Czechoslovakia gave them access to the manufacturing all too necessary for their ambitions.  One poorly selling commercial pistol marketed towards police forces was given new life when it was adopted in large numbers by the conquerors.  We’ve disassembled one for you collectors that prefer a little recon before you start dismantling.