C&Rsenal WWI Wishlist

Bellow you will find a list of firearms that we have not found for either the show or the book we plan to have following.  Ideally every piece would be borrowed for live fire but you’ll note some of these are VERY unlikely to be in private hands or collections willing to fire.  So we are including some color coding.

Red means we would like to either photograph and/or fire the piece.

Green means we’ve photographed at least one example, but would like to find one to fire.

Blue means we only need to photograph the piece.

So for Red and Blue it may be worth sharing information about local museums/collections that do have such a piece so we can arrange a visit.  Send it all to the link at the left or CandRsenal@gmail.com



    Belgian Nagant 1883 Artillery
    Roth Sauer
    S&W Triple Lock in 455
    Abadie 1886
    Walther Model 6
    Dreyse in 9mm
    Naval Luger P04
Chamelot-Delvigne 1874



    Austrian-seized Mauser 1912.  (Not the common South American)
    Mondragon: Fl.-S.-K. 15 
    Selbstlader-Karabiner Mauser 1916    
    Winchester 1897 Trench (WWI configuration)
    Winchester Model 12 Riot
    Meunier A6
    Mauser-Koka 1880
Mauser-Koka 1884 carbine and musketoons
Serbian Mauser 1899
Serbian Mauser 1899/077
    Serbian Mauser 1910 Crested
Serbian Mauser 1910 Carbine
Serbian Koka Djuric 1880/07 Conversion
Ottoman 1908 Carbine

Machine Guns:

    Parabellum MG 14
    Bergmann MG15
    Colt 94/14
    Hotchkiss portative
    Marlin 1917
    Type 38
    Perino 1908


4 Responses to “C&Rsenal WWI Wishlist”

  1. Robert E Benson says:

    I have a Win mod 12 trench gun no. 1001742 with the correct heat shield hand guard and bayonet lug and 1917 bayonet gun is about in 65% finish Blue and 75% wood . I would be happy to let you shoot it and stick burlap bags of hams or sand if you would like to. I would prefer that you clean it if you do a mud test also OK. Ian gave me my PE 57 back wet with mud and it took 3 days to clean it. Bob Benson

    • David J. Potter says:

      That doesn’t sound like Ian to do something like that. Are you sure it wasn’t one of his crew that failed to clean it? Although , he SHOULD have made certain you got it back in clean condition.

      • David J. Potter says:

        Re: The wish list, The S&W Tripple lock in .455 may be hard to find because it may not exist except with Roy Jinks at S&W because after they saw the 44 Hand Ejector Second Model Tripple Lock, the Canadians and the Brits ordered the gun in
        455 WITHOUT the shroud under the barrel citing it as a dirt trap. There were only 5000 of the Hand Ejector second model made in 44 anyway. I have seen the 44 tripple locks and they are identical to the 3 examples I have of the Canadian Hand Ejector Mod. II except there is no shroud around the third lock which is under the barrel and holds the ejector rod. It is a wonderful revolver and
        I agree with Elmer Keith , probably the best one made up until that time (WW1)
        I find it very difficult to find brass in Webley 455 , so I shoot 45 ACP in it and I can buy that commercially made for a reasonable price . All I have to do to each cartridge is to squeeze the rimless rim at 12,3,6 and 9 o’clock and it works just like a thin rimmed Webley 455 . The loads are about the same as the old .455 load with a 230 gr. Bullet.

  2. Petter Bøckman says:

    I have a mate with a Madsen MG. It’s in Norway though, I could get some photos on a white background taken, but it would be economically, legally and practically impossible to have it sent iover to the US.

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