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Rifle: Belgian Mauser Model 1935

Belgian Rifle Mauser Mle1935 tilt

Rifle Modèle 1935 Manufacturers FN, MAE
Cartridge 7.65x53mm Overall Length 43.5″
Action Rotation Bolt Barrel Length 22.8″
Magazine 5 rnds, stripper clip Weight 9 lbs


Despite a rich history of arms manufacture, the Belgians were a neutral nation and did not always put much into modernizing their military.  With German re-armament they finally got the ball moving on a new standard short rifle in 1935.

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Rifle: Italian Carcano Model 91/24 T.S.

Italian Rifle Carcano M91-24 tilt

Rifle Moschetto Modello 91/24 Manufacturers Terni
Cartridge 6.5x52mm Overall Length 36.3″
Action Rotation Bolt Barrel Length 17.8″
Magazine 6 rnds, enbloc Weight 6.5 lbs


Mussolini’s military expansion sought to rearm the military with a modern short rifle.  But WWI had devastated the economy and so, like many others, he turned to Interwar Thrift.  Luckily the Carcano had a secret.

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Rifle: Norwegian Krag-Jørgensen Model 1894

Norwegian Rifle Krag Jorgensen M1894 tilts

Rifle Krag-Jørgensen M1894 Manufacturers Steyr, Kongsberg
Cartridge 6.5x55mm Overall Length 49.7″
Action Rotation Bolt Barrel Length 30″
Magazine 5 rnds, single load Weight 8.8 lbs


In the U.S. we’re familiar with the unusual Krag-Jørgensen as a military rifle.  We were not, however, the last adopters of this design.  Its own country of origin took it on two years later.

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Rifle: Swiss Vetterli M1878/81

Swiss Rifle Vetterli M78-81 tilt

Rifle Vetterli M1878/81 Manufacturer Eidgenössische, Bern
Cartridge 10.4x38mmR Overall Length 52.2″
Action Rotation Bolt Barrel Length 33.8″
Magazine 12 rnds, single feed Weight 10.1 lbs


One of the more common Vetterli rifles in the market, the Model 78/81 is often confused with with its predecessor, the pure 1878.  This is likely due to the fact that Swiss took six years to update their dies!  Don’t worry, we’ll explain the difference.

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Rifle: French Berthier Mle.16 Rifle

French Rifle Berthier Mle 1916 Rifle Tilt

Rifle Fusil Modele 1916 Manufacturer Various
Cartridge 8x51mmR Overall Length 51.4″
Action Rotation Bolt Barrel Length 31.5″
Magazine 5 rnds, enbloc Weight 9.3 lbs


The Berthier Model 16 isn’t an uncommon sight in the collectors market.  But very little about this rifle has been written in English and many don’t realize that while developed during WWI, it is mostly a post-war rifle in terms of features and manufacture.

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