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Briefly: Spanish Jo.Lo.Ar.

Spanish Pistol JoLoAr right

Pistol Jo.Lo.Ar Manufacturer HCA , OyV
Cartridge Various Overall Length Various
Action Blowback Barrel Length Various
Magazine Various Weight Various








The Jo.Lo.Ar design was applied to a family of pistols in various sizes and chamberings.  They were unified, however, by their unique loading choices.

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Firearm Anatomy: Eight Pistols of WWII

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For those of you who may not know, we’re in the middle of an Anatomy Project in an attempt to put together a heck of a book.  It will cover the major eight powers of WWII and we’ve already released the first batch of rifles.  Well now it’s time for phase two: pistols.  We’ve already provided the country summaries in the previous link so let’s get right to it.
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Pistol: French Mle.1935 A

French Mle1935a Full B right

Pistol Mle.1935 A Manufacturer S.A.C.M.
Cartridge 7.65×20mm Overall Length 7.4″
Action Short Recoil Barrel Length 4.1″
Magazine 8 rnds removable Weight 1.6 lb






While an excellent pistol overall, the French Mle.1935 does not necessarily stand out in any one way.  It was produced a bit late to see widespread use in WWII, but stayed in service until the 1950’s.

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Pistol: German Dreyse Model 1907

German Pistol Dreyse M1907 right

Pistol Dreyse M1907 Manufacturer Rheinische M. u. M.
Cartridge .32ACP Overall Length 6.4″
Action Blowback Barrel Length 3.6″
Magazine 7 rnds dtch Weight 1.5 lb







This unusual looking pistol was an attempt to enter the then-new market of semi-automatic pocket pistols without stumbling on John Browning’s patents.

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Pistol: French Ruby Mle.1915

French Pistol Ruby M1915 right


Pistol Mle.1915 “Ruby” Manufacturer Various
Cartridge .32ACP Overall Length 6.2″
Action Blowback Barrel Length 3.4″
Magazine 9 rnds removable Weight 1.9 lb







WWI was a maelstrom no one fully expected and the French quickly ran short of small arms.  They turned to nearby Spain for cheap and plentiful stocks of these simple pistols.

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