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Anatomy: French Revolver Modèle 1892

Anatomy Pistol French Revolver Mle.1892

Another new Anatomy piece and a step closer to our book!  This is the French Pistole Revolveur Modele d’Ordonnance 1892.  While obviously a very old design the sheer number of these guns combined with the slow adoption of newer models meant it was a mainstay through WWII.

Anatomy: Russian SVT-40

Anatomy Rifle USSR SVT-40

This one took some effort to figure out the disassembly, but was otherwise smooth sailing.  We’ll try to get an article out on the overall gun soon.

Anatomy: Lee-Enfield No.1 MkIII*

Anatomy Rifle UK LE No1 MkIII

Another one down!  One step closer to finishing our overall project.  Still so many pistols, SMGs, LMGs, and even a few rifles to go!

Firearm Anatomy: Eight Pistols of WWII

IndieGogo Poster

By popular demand this design is now being offered as a poster!

For those of you who may not know, we’re in the middle of an Anatomy Project in an attempt to put together a heck of a book.  It will cover the major eight powers of WWII and we’ve already released the first batch of rifles.  Well now it’s time for phase two: pistols.  We’ve already provided the country summaries in the previous link so let’s get right to it.
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Anatomy: Chinese Mauser Type Zhong Zheng

Anatomy Rifle Chinese Mauser Zhongzheng

Much less troublesome, this Chinese Type Zhong Zheng is a descendant of the German Standard Modell.  Understandably, it resembles the Kar98k we’ve posted before.  However, we’re attempting two rifles and pistols, plus some extras from each of the major eight powers.

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